Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

Happy May! Blessed Beltane! Welcome Spring!
I'm happy to see no more snow and ice, however, the rain is beginning to wear a little thin, That's okay 'cause soon we can all Linkcomplain about how hot it is.
I just put ten new works up on my artfire site..I also put them in my etsy shop. Somehow I've managed to get 40 pieces on ArtFire but only 36 on etsy..:0/
Another bit of info is that I'm not going to have a table at GenCon this year. They are already full up and have a rather large waiting list. So I'll be looking for a new August venue, at least for this year.
I'd appreciate if y'all pop over to artfire and take a peek at the new goodies.
Thanks for staying with me thus far. I'll have more for you later.
Joy and Happiness always. Kathy

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