Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday!! I hope to spend some time in "the studio" this weekend. I know many people work in their kitchen and I really disapprove. Myself, I cook in the studio. LOL Gotta get to the studio and get that roast on. Pull out the dragons and put in the pork.

Tomorrow I do have to go to the PO to mail the gargoyle to Kalamazoo. (envision smirky here) I made an ♥Etsy sale♥ Go me!! Is this girl proud and happy? You bet she is. She gets to go to the gas station for more than a soda.

Things in my other shops/gallerys are going well. I keep hearing about making ones shop front attractive and appealing to the buyer. :O/ How do you do that? I have a banner I'm pleased with, my photos, for the most part, are in focus and show the product well. What else is there in these shops? I didn't see that I had much choice in the decor.

It's getting to be show time. My first show is the last weekend of February. I have enough inventory for that one and the next one which is March 21. I'm not sending a lot to the Feb. show. I'm not going this year but sending a representative. So a dozen pieces should suffice.

I've been invited to send something to the World Horror Con in Winnipeg in May. That will be fun. Don't know yet what I'll send, maybe I'll do something new for them. There is at least one show booked every month until November. Hopefully the economy will be beginning to heal and folk will feel more hopefull and be willing to let go some of their $$.

here are my gallery/shops


Etsy (I still can't believe I misspelled my own name)



Joy and Happiness Always


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