Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because Nice Matters

As I said in my last entry I had my first Etsy sale yesterday. I am really pleased (duh :O/) Of course I am. I was beginning to think this whole thing might be a mistake. It looks like I'll hang around a bit longer. LOL
I got a note from a fellow Etsy shop owner who really likes my work. In fact she gave me quite a boost in her blog. You can go read it for yourself it's here:
and don't forget to also check out her shop for some lovely jewlery items. She has quite a few I've put on my want to have list.
Thanks Lisa, you are a sweetheart!
Here is an important note:
my foundmyself URL is I had posted it incorrectly previously. Sorry.

Well, I have my daily stuff to attend to so until next time y'all take care
Happiness and Joy Always

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