Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once more with feeling. . .

I did this the other day but for some reason it isn't here now. :O/ I was happy with it too. Drat!
I've uploaded pictures to photobucket so I may offer y'all a slide show of my work. They make a nice archive set. I think I really should put them on my website, www.welcometomywhimsy.com
(shameless plug, there) That's just one more thing on my "to do" list.
I'm feeling rather good about my shop sites. I'm hopefull folk will like my stuff enough to buy it.
I opened a shop on Etsy, www. ckathleensumers.etsy.com (LOL I misspelled my own name, notice there's only one "M"), NoBullART, www. ckathleensummers .nobullart.com with two m's,
also at FoundMyself, www.foundmyself.com/gallery/ckathleensummers. And also at ArtFire www.welcometomywhimsy.artfire.com
I registered on the coolest brand new site, ByHand.Me It's a promotional site for artists of handmade goodies and those who like to buy handcrafted wares. Check it out. There are some real treasures there.
Since this has turned out to be a self promotional post I may as well go all the way and remind y'all that I do do custom orders. Anything someone collects I can make. Wolves take a bit longer because it is so difficult to get the "wolfness" in there. It is so easy for it to turn into just a dog. A nice dog but still not a wolf.
Joy and Happiness Always

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