Wednesday, February 4, 2009


"WooWho!!" she cried doing the happy artist dance.

I just had the first sale from my Etsy shop. I've had sales before, in other places, and am surprised just how pumped I am over this one. I sold a few small pieces on e-Bay and several more expensive pieces through an online art gallery.
So why is this one so special? The hope of more to come? Validation of myself as an artist? The fact that I need to gas up the van? I am just sooo pleased I wanted to share my joy.
As a general rule artists are somewhat insecure and we tend to undervalue ourselves...a lot.
So, yeah. I guess I do feel validated but the gas tank is empty.
I was considering, just this a.m. in fact, whether or not all the work involved in online shops and galleries was worth it. I reckon if I'm making sales it must be.
As nice as I think my work is there are not people beating a path to my door. I do okay at most conventions and art/craft shows but the online thing is different. No face to face connection. I find it difficult at times to bring that kind of personalization to my online shops. There is a very fine line between too much chatter and welcoming friendliness in both venues.
I feel hopeful now that my other shops/galleries (ArtFire, noBullArt, FoundMyself) will log a sale or two.
here is a picture of the guy that sold:

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