Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Day everyone! I am all revved up and excited. The 17th of this month Kathy-Ann and I will be teaching a clay class, making Mother's Day gifties, for underprivileged inner city children here in Indianapolis.It will be every Friday for four Fridays. We put together some really pretty projects. The kiddos can choose from a barrette, a pin, a pendant, and if there's time an added pair of earrings. I was hoping for a few donations from the Sculpey people (they were a tremendous help the last time) but they have changed their policies and can't help this time. :O( But if any of you want to help (hint, hint) we can use jewelry findings, colored polymer clay, little bits of prettys like rhinestones etc., to decorate the jewelry, chains/ribbon/cording for hanging the pendants. I have some things and Joann's had a really good sale on clay and I was able to pick up some. Get with me and I can give you the address to send wonderful donations.
It should be a great time and I look forward to helping the kids make lovely things for their Moms. Some have more than one and some have none but do have a grandma or aunt. The family dynamics of these children can be quite a puzzle.

And then, I was contacted by the events coordinator of GenCon Indy to see if I was interested in running some classes for their "SPousal Activites" program. You BetI Am! Since I'm not gonna be able to do their art show this year the SPA program will do, Oh yeah! So if you're going to be at GenConIndy this year, August 13-16, stop by and say howdy.

Another neato thing is I am the subject of the artist interview on ByHand.me (a great site BTW)
yes, it is indeed all about me! ;O} I wanted to give you the link but apparently they are having a rare moment of downness. Once there http://www.byhand.me scroll down towards the bottom and there should be a link to the interview, Kathy Summers and Welcome To My Whimsy.

As I was crawling the forums there this a.m. I was pointed to the site of a graphic designer that I want to share with you. Her name is Erin and she is in Aurora Colorado. She is self taught and custom is her specality. She began about five years ago making signatures for folks on message boards. Swieky Siggies graphic design is her Etsy shop and she also has a web site . Go ahead, take a look, I did and I just kept looking and looking. Each design so lovely I wanted to see more.

Thanks for staying with me 'till the end. Oh, I almost forgot :O/ I have some new critters on my Etsy and ArtFire sites. Stay well.


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