Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a most busy year, and there is much for the Welcome To My Whimsy family to be thankful for. True, sales are down; true, discretionary money is very discrete, and sometimes our healthy is spotty; but there is the love of friends and family -- for that I am extremely thankful.

Of course, I can't forget those of you who after all this time are still reading my less than frequent musings. Have I mentioned how time-intensive blogging is? I can play with my clay or blog. I'm having trouble doing both, but I'm sure you noticed.

I have listed some new critters on both the ArtFire and Etsy sites and I'm doing a few more shows than usual this season. Daughter Charlotte is even doing the next two with me.

The jewelry market is rather glutted with many lovely designs and materials, so much so that Kathy Ann has given up her ArtFire and Etsy shops. She is still doing shows, and custom work. So if you want something special, feel free to e-mail me and I will put you in touch with her. Together you can design something incredible.

I have a couple of sites for you to check out. The first one is brought to you by Mother Nature, and I don't think she was in a good mood, but it's definitely worth looking at. Click here. The next one is one of my favorites: if you are a movie buff or a dance afficionado, then click here.

Thanks for staying with me to the end, and hopefully I will get back to you before Christmas.

Joy and happiness always, Kathy.

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