Friday, April 1, 2011

April finds me busy as a bee.

I have been sitting here just claying away. I have my "in transition" shelf quite full. Baby fairies (still available on e-Bay BTW), potted baby dragon, resting fairy that is available on FAEBAE and several pieces listed on both etsy and artfire. I have a new piece that I have fallen in love with.There are pictures to follow. All in all I have been a very busy girl.

On the personal front Marty's unemployment has finally hit the wall. It's all used up, kaput, no more, all gone. We thought this was gonna really mess up our getting to Conglomeration in Louisville, KY at the end of the month. (Oh yes, Happy April!) but with some creative accounting I think we're gonna make it. I have a dealer table there and hope to make a bit of change to offset the cost of going in the first place.
If you are in the Louisville area and feel inclined our group is throwing a grand room party and we would love to see you. It's at the Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Airport. It's always fun and there will be posted signage as to what room #. This is Easter weekend and the party is on Sat. night. Starts around 9:p.m. and goes 'till we throw you out.

Okay now for the new artwork from ME! I found the Love Mug on sale and I put together the floral arrangement and made and added the really cute couple. My thought was that what gal wouldn't melt if she were given this by her sweetheart. Here it is:

Thanks for staying with me until the end. Joy and happiness always. --Kathy

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