Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I hope all had a lovely day yesterday. There is a restaurant here that had a party for those without "valentines". They had a special price for dinner and drinks and you were to bring a picture of your ex and at 9:oo they were going to have a mass shredding.
I found my kitchen table covered with valentines! Under them was a box of chocolates. The picture on the box was of a VERY old couple all smiley and happy looking. the inscription was, The secret to enduring love: Keep your mouth shut and bring home chocolate. And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. :O)

I've mentioned my friend and sister of the heart, Kathy. Well I have opened her Etsy shop. She has a problem with her vision and cannot do computers so I usually do all her computer work for her. She supervises really well (translate as bossy). LOL For right now we're only offering her prayer beads. Jewelry will follow later. For the time being her jewelry will stay on ArtFire. I am also working on getting her a web site up and going. It won't win any prizes but it will give her a bit more exposure, at least in theory.

While I was crawling the Etsy forums this a.m. I ran across an artist, BrigaBauble, making Catholic rosarys. Absolutely beautiful rosarys. They are very high end, sterling silver and gemstones. She has priced them quite low for the quality. I think you should wander over that way and take a look even if you're not Catholic. She does have other jewelry items that are nice as well but the rosarys are really breathtaking in spite of the pics. She is working on getting some better photographs but even as they are the beauty of the work shines through. Be sure to tell your friends 'cause these rosarys really need to be in the hands of the faithful and not lying about waiting for a home. And mother's day is approching...

I had mentioned to you that I was thinking about doing a bit of real advertising. I still am but not where I had hoped. I couldn't find on their site any examples of what they were offering and when I tried to contact them I got nowhere. That set of alarm bells and red flags. So I am looking elsewhere.

For todays pics. I want to share with you one of my own critters. My favorite actually. He's about four inches high with glass eyes. If he inspires you want a critter of your own. Great! But if not I hope you enjoy looking at him anyway. I sure do. Sometimes It's hard to beleive I actually made him. From scratch. No molds. Just me and some clay. WoW!

Thanks for staying with me to the end. Take Care.
Joy and Happiness Always

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