Friday, February 13, 2009

Kathleen needs and Kathleen won't

Sorry about the large top margin but something screwy happened when I cut and pasted my needs. :O/
This evening we played a most hilarious game on Etsy. Someone discovered that if you put your name plus the word needs in quotes the most wonderful thing happens. I entered in Google Kathleen "needs" and I got these results:

Kathleen needs to talk to people she trusts
Kathleen Needs A Ride Home.
Kathleen needs MySpace!!!
Kathleen Needs to Get the Glory
kathleen needs to focus more on her learning and not on socializing
Kathleen needs a hobby. How about pushing hundreds of stray kittens around town in your shopping cart?
Kathleen: needs to go to sleep now
Kathleen RSVPd for Festive Wine and Cheese Network
Kathleen needs your help
Kathleen needs to get her restaurant a remodel, pronto.

Changing the word to "won't" netted me this:

... Won’t Be Silenced
...won't talk to me
... Won't Come Home
...Won’t Forgive Kathy Griffin
...won't make the A-list for appropriateness
...needs to kiss some republican butt
...won't eat her raisin bran.
...won't be coming to the restaurant anymore
...won't apologize!
...won't back down

Try it, try it with/for your friends and loved ones. Marty came through and we Googled his needs and he laughed so hard tears ran down his face. Is this really fun or we are just very easily amused? And just think I missed Clone Wars for this, two episodes!

I hope you had a wonderful Friday and wish you a joyous weekend.
Joy and Happiness Always

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