Monday, February 16, 2009

"Monday, Monday, can't stop that day..."

Not that I would want to. This turned out to be a rather nice day. The weather was lovely, I got to rest and watch a marathon of NCIS and then get a bit of retail therapy at the local Hobby Lobby. After the night I had that was just what I needed. (and after my recounting of my evenings adventures there is a clothing designer I want you to meet. Wonderful stuff so stay with me here.)

All the guys were sick. Jason's stomach would keep nothing down, not even the nothing would stay down. I think the poor boy lost his toenails...repeatedly. Marty had major sinus issues. My bestest feller, Xander, who is seven, had a fever that climbed ever higher causing fever dreams. The Tylenol did eventually take hold but not before he, too, lost all the contents of his stomach while he was in my arms being cherished and soothed. It was a very l o n g night. This morning brought the "whatever it was" to Charlotte who had a very long day. Tonight everyone is much improved although Xander is not going to school on Tuesday.

I finally put an add for my artwork on Craig's List. It's in the Indianapolis-artists section.
We'll see what happens. It will be posted for 30 days. It's free so why not give it a try? I have nothing to lose but the time it took to write it up. Keep your fingers crossed.

SECRET LENTIL-- While crawling the Etsy forums last night I happened upon a clothier who really caught my attention. She describes her look as "... a freakish blend of Shaker and Punk with a dash of Dr. Seuss." Not something I would normally gravitate to but this stuff is cute. It has charm. I thought It worth mentioing here and a giving you a push in that direction. I think my favorite is the dress featured on the front page of her web site, Secret Lentil. She also has an Etsy Shop . Do wander over that way and take a peek at her collection. Take your check book or at least your PayPal password. LOL Be daring, this is fashion at it's most fun.

For your photo pleasure I offer you: Horse Feathers from Michelle Gault and Lavender from The Lady Kara

Thanks for staying with me. Take Care


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