Friday, February 13, 2009

Good morning everyone! I expect this to be a glorious Friday. I'm expecting good mail, I have a Fire Mountain order due in today, and that always gives me a lift. Retail Therapy, ya know. :O)
And, are you ready?, I had a sale yesterday! The mommy dragon and baby, Lullaby, sold. I'm so pleased. That is a really sweet piece. I'll get it ready to go today and mail it tomorrow. Saturday is mail day. The P.O. I use is good at getting things out quickly. Items I mail on Saturday usually get where they're going on Monday.

I've been doing a lot of Forum-ing. I tend to click on avatars and check out the shops so it just figures that others are doing the same. I have found many lovely things that way. I'm still agog over the wire sculpture I mentioned the other day and those beautiful hair clips... *sigh*
I picked up a set of hair clips for Charlotte, my perky goth. skull hair clips from smiss00.
I ordered mine in the pink and black polka dot. Very Cute. She had other styles and motifs as well. It's worth you while to make a trip over there if you are into keeping your hair outta your face in a fashionable yet unstuffy manner.

I listed ten new switchplates the day before yesterday and a new figurine yesterday on Etsy. You might just want to go look. But only if you want to make me happy. . . and who wouldn't want to do that. LOL

News Item for those interested: Guide to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) for Small Businesses, Resellers, Crafters and Charities
this article, it's more of a FAQ actually, has the answers to most of the questions that are being asked in the forums. It's an official site so the misinformation that's being spread around due to lack of communication from the powers that be are either refuted or confirmed. Good site for accurate info.

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of good things. If it happens to be a rough day though remember it won't last and there are folk who care for you and do wish you good things.

Today's photo experience is unparalled in any dimention. Here it is:

I think my cousin Cliff has one of these. Notice the Tiki tourch to set just the right mood.

Take care 'till mext time

Joy and Happiness Always

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