Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think I'm spoiling y'all by writing every night. Be warned, this won't last forever, eventually I'll get tired and go to maybe once a week or heaven forbid! my life becomes boring.

I picked up my eyes today! WoW! they were lose in a Large Folgers can. Unmatched, unsized, no organization at all. Just a container full of lose glass eyes. It reminds me of my grandmother's button box. I loved that too. So tomorrow Kathy-Ann and I will sort, I mean eyes.
There are a nice variety of sizes, some variety in color but all have round pupils. So I'm back to VanDykes for reptile and fish eyes.

Someone today asked me why my shop photos are so low res. Low res? Oh, low res. yeah. I can get more on the card with a lower resolution. I thought they were passable but this question kind of woke me up. So I talked with Charlotte and I will be taking some of them over and getting a new memory card that holds a bit more than 16 pictures at the highest level. I also need to work on the lighting.

I have decided to put some more critters in my Etsy shop. Right now ArtFire has the most product. I don't want my Etsy customers to miss out on anything. :O)

I haven't forgotten about sharing with you the new wonderful thing I found this day. I love hair jewelry. Even when my hair is short I still go for the beautiful, funky, and fun do-dads. Well
skybluedesigns2. has some of the most beautiful and well designed hair adornments I've seen in a long time. This is a site you should most definitely check out. Even if you don't do do-dads I bet you have friends and loved ones who do. What a terrific gift these would make! I wouldn't mind opening a box and finding one. hint-hint

And here are the days pics. enjoy the hand art

All right boys and girls it's bed time for me. I have an early call tomorrow and need my beauty sleep. Thanks for hanging out with me for awhile. Take care 'til next time.

Joy and Happiness Always

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