Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The "eyes" have it!

I'm doing quite well on this Wednesday eve (Tuesday) and I hope you all are well too. Last night I discovered the joys of Craig's list. WoW, so much stuff. I love stuff. It's hard not to carry on the pack rat tradition handed down to me by my fore mothers. But I'm hanging in there. Shoveled a path across the living room just today. LOL I digress. While browsing there I found someone selling glass eyes. No, not for people. He's a taxidermist and has more than he will ever use. That's where I come in. So for $25 I'm gonna get 3,000 to 4,000 eyes! I pick 'em up tomorrow, Wednesday (yeah, I know y'all think I'm easily excited, well maybe so). I usually get my critter eyes from VanDykes for way more than $25. If they're not sorted and matched my weekend activity is all planned and that of my friend Kathy-Ann too. "That'll be almost as much fun as mating socks." She said brightly.

Okay, I have a couple of things/sites to share. This first one was sent to me by my friend Kyle.
As he said, it's funny at first then when you think about it it's kind of sad and maybe a bit scary. But social propaganda usually is. Here, see what you think:

The nextie is just plain ol' amazing. I ran across this while doing my thing wandering about on Etsy. I am all agog at these pieces. This you definitely have to see for yourself.

I'm seriously considering paid advertising for my shops/galleries (see the side bar for where these are). Actually it would direct folks to my web site and from there to the point of purchase for my critters. It doesn't seem all that expensive for what you get but Marty and I want to be sure about it. 'Cause even a little money can be a lot of money.

The other advertising opportunity that came my way is something you might want to check out
especially if you haven't the time you'd like to devote to Etsy and ArtFire and Twitter and other marketing tools/strategies. A lovely lady in the P.R. field is willing to give us Etsians a little help with this. For a very reasonable, I thought, fee she will get our shops 'out there'. She has some marketing savy and a few tricks of the trade and is willing to utilize them for us. If you want to know more e-mail me and I'll pass along her contact info so she can tell you herself how it works.

I want to leave you with one other cool thing. The troll under the bridge. Take a look.

see the man back there? ___ _______ V

Until next time y'all take care.

Joy and Happiness Always


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