Monday, February 23, 2009

Is it STILL Monday!?

Okay, It's official, I hate the flu. And yes, I will take some cheese with my whine...

I feel I have been quite remiss in not welcoming my blog followers. Welcome! I have no idea if it makes any difference to anyone but me that you are all out there. But it does make a big difference to me. I began this blog thing as a selling tool for my critters etc. But just how much Buy My Stuff! can a person or web full of people take in? Not much I would think. So I decided it was doing those of you who did come back a disservice not to offer you more. Maybe not much more but at least something, A bit of insight to my daily life, a bit of my philosophy on things, a bit of "oohhh look what I found!". And at least some of you like it like this. Thanks y'all!

I have a make your own dragon critter tutorial I've been working on trying to get it in some kind of shape to post so I could share it with you. It's a word doc and must be messed with before it can be posted. Apparently. I think I have it ready...maybe. Since I'm still not up to much more than cut and paste here it be.


[I do not know why the entire pic will not show here. Try this link to see the whole thing. :O/
Show Me The Whole Picture!! ]

7. Press in a line for the mouth, I use a corsage pin. The corners of the mouth should start and end in a dimple. The mouth should follow the contour of the snout: pointy, square, rounded. Photo #7

Well, it took more than just cut and paste though it shouldn't have. I chalk it up to my being sick rather than plain old operator trouble. Do y'all buy that one? ;o} I think everything is in numerical order, in fact I do believe #8 and #9 got in there twice and #7 had to be entered by hand. This version is way too sloppy for my taste but the neat one wouldn't work...grrrrrrr.
If this little dear works for you please send me a pic of your critter or at least drop me a note letting me know how it went.
So m'friends I bid you a good night. Do take care and try to stay healthy.
Happiness and Joy Always

P.S. (Tues. A. M.) I just thought to share a little trick I use for getting awesome wing texture/detail. check out the pic. notice the detailing of the wings. Now press a thin sheet of clay between your palms. hard. Peel off carefully. Ta-Da! WoW! now cut out your wing shape and blend 'em on. You can even pick which pattern you like best, search those palms for wonderful patterns.

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