Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Well friends this will be a short little update 'cause I did not miss out on the flu fun. I feel horrid.
No energy, not that that's a new thing this just feels worse. But I checked out things on the Etsy forums today and everything there was normal. Lots of wonderful things to please the senses.
Lots of bitching and low sales. Much chatter about what we can do to get more traffic and more sales. Wish I had the definitive answer. Alas, I do not and my sales are low too. I am holding out for the conventions and spring and summer shows. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have decided to work up some more little critters. Like the unicorns, dragons, and pegasus in the slide show. Those usually move well and are a tad less expensive.

I ran across GrapevineGreetings today and was impressed with her product. Wonderfully designed gift tags for bottled gifties. Well designed, nicely priced, decribed well, what more does one need. Oh yeah, sales! So go look and if you find it's not something you personally can use please tell others about Grapevine Greetings.

Now I want to introduce you to John Cleary. He is pretty much doing mostly action figures now but he does keep his hand in the fantasy genre. I found the albums on his site gone but he listed updates so I'm hoping they will be back soon. Until then I want to share some of his earlier work with you.

Take Care and try to stay healthy.

Joy and Happiness Always

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