Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh my, I didn't realize just how far behind I'd gotten. My apologies y'all. Things here are still
moving right along. Marty is still unemployed, Xander is indeed out of school for the summer, the ratties are doing great with minimal fuss and I did wonderfully at the Woodruff Place Victorian Emporium the first of June. However, the Horror Hound Weekend was canceled for here and moved to Cincinnati so we'll wait until next March for that one.

I've been crawling the forums at Etsy and have gotten some great info on making my stinko photos better. Ott-Lite light bulbs. One can get the lamps (kind of pricey) or just the bulbs. Joanns has the lamps (on sale online) and Home Depot the bulbs. The picture I saw had not been enhanced at all and was incredible. The lights are designed for those of us who need to capture detail and color.

I have moved into a Fantastic Birds phase. So far I've crafted a phoenix and a fenghuang. There are several more in the offing and I am excited about doing them. I'll be even more excited if they sell.

Charlotte, my darling daughter, has been doing a bit of graphic design work for some local businesses (hooray!) and photographed a wedding in May and another this past Saturday. I love her wedding work. She manages to make the standard poses softer and more natural feeling. I don't know if she has any posted on her site or not. Maybe I'll nag her 'till she posts some.

I have her working on a treat for you. Paper dolls, with wardrobe. They are sooooo cute. A little lolita type and a round chubby one. They should be done soon and I can get them posted here so all you have to do is Save As, print and play.

I'm doing this post on the fly and haven't any great new stuff for you to see this time. But thanks for being here. And again I apologize for being away so long.


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