Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! Pass me the sunblock.

As the Brave Combo says, "Oh we'll have yule tide down by the pool side. This year lets have Christmas in July."

The guild of fantasy artists of ArtFire, of which I am a very proud member, are having a Christmas In July promotion. I'm excited about it 'cause most folks don't put out their yule work until the fall. This way we get a preview of the holiday goodies. However, my work can be displayed year round. LoL I mean why not have a highly detailed, extremely colorful Santa sitting about in the summertime.
But I digress, just pop on over to ArtFire and put CIJS into the search box and you're off! There are several folks having July sales and promotions. You might find that one perfect gift for your Auntie Grizelda. And you know how hard SHE is to buy for.

I got my new bright yellow ott-lite lamps! They were BOGO too! I am so impressed. WoW! I think I mentioned them previously only now I have first hand experience with 'em. If you take pictures and need to see the detail and the colors then you gotta have one of these. Just look at this pic. I did no enhancing or retouching at all. I just cropped it. I thought the bulbs a bit pricy but for what they are and how long they're supposed to last I guess they're not too bad. Michaels on line says they carry them. Some Home Depots carry 'em too.

Charlotte has just done some design work for a local business. They were quite pleased and want her to do more. They paid her! She has also been working on the two weddings she did the pictures for. One bride called almost in tears. She had seen the photos taken by some of the guests, like the grooms sister, who was always in the photographers way. She thought she looked horrible and too fat. Well, white satin is flattering to practically nobody but in the pics Charlotte took the bride looked radiant and beautiful. The bride was soothed and reassured and is eager to see the finished photos.

Marty is still unemployed but we made the mortgage! horray! I've had a couple of sales and I made a couple of trades. I know, but I really LOVED these things. One was a beautiful necklace and the other a handcrafted black glass octopus. The picture is a bit dark and doesn't show his little eyes but he was so cute. I put him on a black ball chain and I've made earrings to go with.

I have entered my spider phase. I saw a picture of a spider and got inspired. These are not natural looking spiders, well, one is maybe. I have a velvety pink one with a red heart on her back and AB crystals for eyes. There is a teddy bear brown one and a black one and a silver one (it has red crystal eyes). The black and the silver are both necklaces. I have very fine rayon flocking and it works great on these little guys. Pics comming soon.

For our parting picture I leave you with our little ratty, Nazumi. Don't be alarmed by his little swolen and scabby and bruised feet. Mr. Nibbles has really been a grumpus and a big bully of late. He has taken to biting Nazumi's feet. Clean up the bleeding. Soak in Epsom Salt Water. Give a ratty dose of Children's Tylenol. I've been rat bit and it hurts! Could this be a territorial thing, Alpha male and all that? After all Nizumi is getting bigger and becoming a grown up vermin. Any rat behaviorists out there?
Joy and Happiness Always
--Kathy who has become a really good ratty doc.

*these pictures were NOT taken with my new ott-lite lamps. They DO need a bit of brightening up. LoL

Thanks for staying with me till the end. Take Care. --cks

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