Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Well, It's about time!" do I hear you say?

Hey Y'all. Sorry for the great expanse of time since I was last here. I was really good out of the gate but as with most blogs and bloggers the novelty fades and other things tend to take precedence.

Let's see, Xander's had pneumonia, as has Marty, only Xander can go to the Dr. and get meds.
I am gimping around more than usual 'cause I did somethin' to my knee. Doc thinks it might be tendinitis. I got a shot of some kind and if it worked, oh my! because the pain only eased a little bit.
There for a while I couldn't walk on it at all. Bummer! It's a bit better and I'm getting used to it 'cause I don't cry nearly as much. LoL what a baby!

Mr. Nibbles has had a stroke. I don't really expect him to pull through but all the same I'm feeding him (yogurt and baby cereal mostly) and making him take water (drops through a straw). That's the thing with pets, you get all attached and when they get ill it breaks your heart.

Oh yes, the powers the be sent Charlotte a kitty for her birthday. He was a rescue, abandoned.
We don't understand it at all. He is so well mannered, declawed, neutered and beautiful if a bit on the scrawny side. He was going to be an outside kitty but he seems to be spending an awfull lot of time inside. We all love him, even allergic Marty. We named him Seamus.

The holidays are upon us. If any of you desire a critter of my crafting let me know. I don't usually need a lot of lead time but with Christmas it's a bit different. It gets really busy both here and at the post office. I currently do have dragon ornaments available on Artfire.
When you order, either via e-mail or by phone, let me know you're a blog follower and I'll knock a bit off the price. Remember, too, Kathy's beautiful jewelry. I know I would love to open a box at yule (or any other time) and find one of her gorgeous pieces in it.

Another idea, if you have a gamer on your list, is a rendered portrait of their game character.
Or a caricature of themself, or their character. Charlotte's couple caricatures are really awesome, too. Samples are available for the asking (and you don't even have to say please).

Again, my apologies for my tardiness in writing to you. I leave you with some cool links for pumpkin carving.

ReallyCool Site!

Here are pics

Virtual Pumpkin Carving Tool - Carve, Print & Email Your Pumpkin from Better Homes and Gardens.

Here are links to LOTS of free pumpkin carving stencils. 4 screens full of ‘em

Enjoy your Halloween and hopefully you'll hear from me before Thanksgiving. :O)


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